Learn with Your Children

We want to help you support your young writer. Register at a discounted rate to attend main sessions with your student and attend special parent sessions.

Raising a Young Writer Can Be Challenging

Most parents didn’t expect to be raising a young writer.

And sometimes you can feel lost as you try to guide your child in a craft you don’t have much experience in.

Especially when your child is wrestling with hard ethical questions in their writing.

Or when they begin talking about attending writing conferences, having professional social media accounts, and starting their own email list.

(And what’s a “writing sprint”?) 

We’ve worked with teen writers for years. And we want to give you the information and advice you need to better understand, guide and support your young writer.

Here are the three ways we’d like to do so at the Young Writer Retreat for parents who purchase the parent ticket:

General Sessions

Attend the normal sessions each day with your child.

Parent Lounge

Connect with other parents in our parent lounge.

Daily Parent Sessions

Each morning, we’ll offer a special session on how parents can support their young writer.